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  Technical Report: Feminism asks the “Who” Questions in HCI1

Feminism asks the “Who” Questions in HCI1

Technical Report #:11-09
Author(s): Michael Muller


A Collaborative User Experience Technical Report: more about CUE...

In this brief personal essay, I describe some of the ways that feminism has influenced my life as a researcher and practitioner in HCI and CSCW – in the creation of work to be
read by others, in the critical reading of works that were created by others, and in the planning and framing of practical work in enterprise workplaces. I discuss three variations of “Who” questions that feminism helps us to ask in HCI: The “who” of the identity of the user; the “who” of the identity of organizational actors; and the “who” of the practitioner or researcher.

Full Report
Feminism asks the Who Questions.pdf

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