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  Technical Report: Increasing Engagement through Early Recommender Intervention

Increasing Engagement through Early Recommender Intervention

Technical Report #:09-08
Author(s): Jill Freyne, Michal Jacovi, Ido Guy, Werner Geyer


A Collaborative User Experience Technical Report: more about CUE...

Social network sites rely on the contributions of their members to create a lively and enjoyable space. Recent research has focused on using personalization and recommender technologies to encourage participation of existing members. In this work we present an early-intervention approach to encouraging participation and engagement, which makes recommendations to new users during their sign-up process. Our recommender system exploits external social media to produce people and profile entry recommendations for new users. We present results
of a live user study, showing that users who received recommendations at sign-up created more social connections, contributed more content, and were on the whole more engaged with the system, contributing more without prompt and returning more often. We further show that recommendations for multiple content types yield significantly better results, in terms of user contribution and consumption; and that recommendations of more active users yield a higher return rate.

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