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  Technical Report: "Motivations for Social Networking at Work

"Motivations for Social Networking at Work

Technical Report #:08-07
Author(s): JM DiMicco, DR Millen, W Geyer, C Dugan, B Brownholtz, M Muller. (2008) "Motivations for Social Networking at Work


A Collaborative User Experience Technical Report: more about CUE...

The introduction of a social networking site inside of a large enterprise enables a new method of communication between colleagues, encouraging oth personal and professional sharing inside the protected walls of a company intranet. Our analysis of user behavior and interviews presents the case that professionals use internal social networking to build stronger bonds with their weak ties and to reach out to employees they do not know. Their motivations in doing this include connecting on a personal level with coworkers, advancing their career with the company, and campaigning for their projects.

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