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  Technical Report: The Wisdom of My Crowd: Motivation and Audience in Enterprise Social Tagging

The Wisdom of My Crowd:
Motivation and Audience in Enterprise Social Tagging

Technical Report #:07-13
Author(s): Jennifer Thom-Santelli, Michael Muller


A Collaborative User Experience Technical Report: more about CUE...

Social tagging systems allow users to share resources categorized according to community-generated tags. These systems serve to organize personal information, provide opportunities for users to express their identities and to allow for social information seeking. In this paper, we examine the motivations behind tag selection, specifically focusing on the social aspects of choosing tags for an audience. We describe initial results from a qualitative study of users of tagging systems deployed within a large enterprise. Exploratory coding suggests that users remain cognizant that their tags play a social role and that users’ tag selection strategies are managed with respect to this awareness.

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