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  Technical Report: Communication-Minded Visualization: A Call to Action

Communication-Minded Visualization: A Call to Action

Technical Report #:06-12
Author(s): Fernanda B. Viegas and Martin M. Wattenberg


A Collaborative User Experience Technical Report: more about CUE...

Visualization is traditionally viewed as an efficient way of transferring a large amount of information from a database into an individual's head. As a result, researchers have largely focused on techniques that improve the display of datasets for a single user. This paper proposes a new perspective, communication-minded visualizations (CMV), which recognizes that data analysis is often a process involving intense communication among various stakeholders. These communication processes may occur synchronously or asynchronously, in collocated or remote settings. Drawing upon examples of existing ad hoc communication around visualization as well as theory from the field of computer-supported cooperative work, we lay out a series of a research questions and design hypotheses for CMV.

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