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  Technical Report: Disseminating Expertise in Social Networks

Disseminating Expertise in Social Networks

Technical Report #:06-11
Author(s): Nishanth R. Sastry
Category(s):Expertise location systems, Bloom filters
Full Citation:In Proceedings of the First IEEE Workshop on Hot Topics in Web Systems and
Technologies (HotWeb 2006), Boston, MA, USA, November 2006. IEEE Computer


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Expertise Location Servers are usually isolated behind corporate firewalls because they mine sensitive documents such as e-mails. Professional networking sites expose expertise information to non-collocated social networks, but are limited to keywords input by users. We introduce a data structure called “Expertise Dictionary”, which encapsulates automatically mined expertise keywords for transport across firewalls. The Expertise Dictionary naturally leads to unique soft-state based server-less architectures, eliminating the costs associated with hosted servers. Not having a centralized server gives experts complete control & privacy in generating expertise keywords. This system architecture can be generalized to distributing other kinds of information in social networks.

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