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  Technical Report: Next Generation Activity-Centric Computing

Next Generation Activity-Centric Computing

Technical Report #:06-03
Author(s): Marty Moore, Miguel Estrada, Timothy Finley, Michael Muller, Werner Geyer
Category(s):Collaboration, Activity, Activity-centric computing
Full Citation:Presented as a demo at CSCW 2006, Banff, November 2006.


A Collaborative User Experience Technical Report: more about CUE...

We present Activities, a natural way of managing one’s individual and collaborative daily work. Activities organizes and integrates resources, tools, and people around the computational concept of a work activity, with the goal of increasing work quality and efficiency. Activity templates extend these benefits by capturing ad hoc business processes and best practices for later reuse. Activities consists of a centralized, web-based service and includes many extensions for existing desktop applications. Activities emerged from a multi-year research effort on activity-centric computing and has been in use since November 2005.

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