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  Technical Report: How Much is Shared in a Shared Activity?

How Much is Shared in a Shared Activity?

Technical Report #:05-11
Author(s): Michael J. Muller, Michael Wu
Category(s):CSCW, Computer-mediated communication, Activity-centric collaboration, Participatory analysis
Full Citation:This paper was submitted to the ACM CHI 2006 conference, April 2006, Montreal,
Copyright 2005, IBM. All rights reserved.


A Collaborative User Experience Technical Report: more about CUE...

Activity-centric collaboration involves shared work, structured in ways that facilitate both private and shared actions. This paper reports a participatory analysis of complex shared activities at each of four sites. Despite the highly collaborative nature of the work, informants reported a complex mix of shared and unshared objects and tasks. These patterns of selective sharing in shared activities help to inform conceptualizations of coordination and articulation, and suggest the need for local structures in environments to support end-users in co-constructing and co-conducting shared activities.

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