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  Technical Report: Lessons from the ReMail Prototypes

Lessons from the ReMail Prototypes

Technical Report #:04-16
Author(s): Daniel Guren, steven L. Rohall, Suzanne Minassian, Bernard Kerr, Paul Moody, Bob Stachel, Martin Wattenberg, Eric Wilcox
Category(s):instant messaging, summarization, attention management, text analysis, electronic mail, information visualization, threads
Full Citation:CSCW 2004, November 2004, Chicago, Illinois. Copyright 2004, IBM. All rights reserved.


A Collaborative User Experience Technical Report: more about CUE...

Electronic mail has become the most widely-used application for business productivity and communication, yet many people are frustrated with their email. Though email usage has changed, our email clients largely have not. In this paper, we describe a prototype email client developed out of a multi-year iterative design process aimed at providing those who “live in their email” with an improved, integrated email experience. We highlight innovative features and describe the user trials for each version of the prototype with resulting modifications. Finally, we discuss how these studies have recast our understanding of the email “habitat” and user needs.

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