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  Technical Report: Introducing Collaboration into an Application Development Environment

Introducing Collaboration into an Application Development Environment

Technical Report #:04-12
Author(s): Susanne Hupfer, Li-Te Cheng, Steven Ross, John Patterson
Category(s):computer-supported cooperative work, software development, CDE, collaborative development environment, IDE, integrated development environment, contextual collaboration
Full Citation:Presented at CSCW 2004 - ACM 2004 Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work. Copyright 2004, IBM. All rights reserved. RC 23292


A Collaborative User Experience Technical Report: more about CUE...

We present contextual collaboration, an approach to building collaborative systems that embeds collaborative capabilities into core applications, and discuss its advantages. We describe the Jazz collaborative application development environment that we are using to explore this concept and discuss design guidelines that have emerged from our experience.

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