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  Technical Report: Using XSLT to Detect Cycles in a Directed Graph

Using XSLT to Detect Cycles in a Directed Graph

Technical Report #:04-03
Author(s): David Marston
Category(s):business process modeling, XSLT, transformation of XML, stylesheet, directed graph, cycle detection, recursion, WebSphere Business Integration Modeler
Full Citation:Copyright 2004, IBM. All rights reserved.


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This paper describes the most difficult stage of a multi-stage process in which a model of a business process is converted from a legacy system to a format digestible by IBM's WebSphere Business Integration Modeler. The stage where cycles must be detected in a directed graph was initially suspected to be beyond the abilities of generic XSLT, which was the tool of choice for the preceding and following stages. The paper describes a well-known algorithm for detecting cycles and then discusses how it can be implemented in XSLT, followed by some observations about the implementation.

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