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  Technical Report: Managing the Mobile Inbox with MoMail

Managing the Mobile Inbox with MoMail

Technical Report #:03-07
Author(s): Li-Te Cheng, Daniel Gruen
Category(s):Email, mobile user interface, information visualization, gestural pop-up menu, email threads


A Collaborative User Experience Technical Report: more about CUE...

Email, an indispensable communications tool on desktop computers, has a growing role on mobile devices.
However, the varied ways that desktop users use their email combined with known difficulties of designing mobile applications pose a significant challenge to creating a mobile email user interface. In this paper, we describe MoMail, a functional PocketPC prototype to explore a rich user email experience on a PDA. We highlight MoMail’s chief user interface contributions that help users manage their email, discuss reactions from prospective users, and reflect on lessons learned and suggestions for future work

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