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  Technical Report: What Kind of Work is HCI Work?

What Kind of Work is HCI Work?

Technical Report #:02-14
Author(s): Allison Druin, Michael J. Muller
Category(s):HCI in organizations, HCI professional issues, design techniques, Interaction design, disciplinarity, social issues


A Collaborative User Experience Technical Report: more about CUE...

This panel will ask the HCI community to consider what HCI means when viewed through different disciplinary perspectives. Respected professionals in the field will offer their views on HCI, considering what it means as science, as design, as workplace democracy, and as management. Each panel member will also respond to two HCI design challenges, in which they can show how their disciplinary perspective would analyze, design, and evaluate during real-time problem-solving.” Throughout the panel, audience members will be invited to ask questions and discuss their own perspectives on HCI.

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