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  Technical Report: Email Visualizations to Aid Communications

Email Visualizations to Aid Communications

Technical Report #:01-05
Author(s): Steven L. Rohall, Daniel Gruen, Paul Moody, and Seymour Kellerman
Category(s):information visualization, electronic mail, threads, rees
Full Citation:The attached paper was presented at the IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization (InfoVis) 2001, October 22-23, 2001, San Diego, CA.


A Collaborative User Experience Technical Report: more about CUE...

Electronic mail has become the most widely used business productivity application. However, people increasingly feel frustrated by their email. They are overwhelmed by the volume, lose important items, and feel pressure to respond quickly. Though email usage has changed, our email clients largely have not.
This paper describes our work on using various information visualization techniques (trees, timelines, and low-resolution overviews) in a new email client. These visualizations highlight the relationships among messages and between the people who exchange email.

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