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IBM Cambridge Research Center

  Papers (Public Technical Reports)

The papers listed below are the public technical reports published by IBM Watson Research in Cambridge.
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Additional papers and citations to publicatoins organized by topic can be found at Social Computing and Visual Communications papers pages.

11-13 Unearthing People from the SaND: Relationship Discovery with Social Media in the EnterpriseAdam Perer,Ido Guy,Erel Uziel,Inbal Ronen,Michal Jacovi
11-12 Many Bills: Engaging Citizens through Visualizations of Congressional LegislationYannick Assogba,Irene Ros,Joan DiMicco,Matt McKeon
11-11 Taking Advice from Intelligent Systems: The Double-Edged Sword of Explanations Kate Ehrlich,Susanna Kirk,John Patterson,Jamie Rasmussen,Steven Ross,Daniel Gruen
11-10 Nimble Cybersecurity Incident Management through Visualization and Defensible RecommendationsJamie Rasmussen,Kate Ehrlich,Steven Ross,Susanna Kirk,Daniel Gruen,John Patterson
11-09 Feminism asks the “Who” Questions in HCI1Michael Muller
11-08 Circles of Crowdsourcing: The Social Organization of Participatory SensingMichael Muller,Susanne Hupfer,Stephen Levy,Daniel Gruen,Andrew Sempere,& Reid Priedhorsky
11-07 Participatory Sensing through Participatory Design: Collaborating on Requirements with the CARD MethodMichael Muller,Susanne Hupfer,Andrew Sempere,Stephen Levy,Reid Priedhorsky,& Daniel Gruen
11-06 MoCoMapps – An Experiment in Crowdsourcing both Data and Applications for Mobile ServicesMichael Muller,Susanne Hupfer,Stephen Levy,Daniel Gruen,Reid Priedhorsky,Andrew Sempere
11-05 Guess Who? Enriching the Social Graph through a Crowdsourcing GameIdo Guy*,Adam Perer**,Tal Daniel*,Ohad Greenshpan***,Itai Turbahn****
11-04 Do You Want to Know? Recommending Strangers in the EnterpriseIdo Guy*,Sigalit Ur*,Inbal Ronen*,Adam Perer**,Michal Jacovi*
11-03 Real-time Collaborative Editing Behavior in U.S. and Japanese Distributed TeamsLauren Scissors,N. Sadat Shami,Tatsuya Ishihara,Steven Rohall,Shin Saito
11-02 Synchronous Interaction Among Hundreds: An Evaluation of a Conference in an Avatar-based Virtual EnvironmentThomas Erickson,N. Sadat Shami,Wendy A. Kellogg,David W. Levine
11-01 Browse and Discover: Social File Sharing in the EnterpriseN. Sadat Shami,Michael Muller,David Millen
10-12 Avatars Meet Meetings: Design Issues in Integrating Avatars in Distributed Corporate MeetingsN Sadat Shami,Li-Te Cheng,Steven Rohall,Andrew Sempere,John Patterson
10-11 We are all Lurkers: Consuming Behaviors among Authors and Readers in Enterprise File-Sharing ServiceMichael Muller,N Sadat Shami,David R Millen,Jonathan Feinberg
10-10 Participatory Design: The Third Space in HCIMichael J Muller,Allison Druin
10-09 Grounded Theory Method in HCI and CSCWMichael J Muller,Sandra Kogan
10-08 Motivating a Discussion about Enterprise Computing Education for a CauseLi-Te Cheng,N Sadat Shami,John Patterson
10-07 Mobilizing Lurkers with a Targeted TaskRosta Farzan,Joan Dimicco,Beth Brownholtz
10-06 The Impact of Affective relationships and awareness on expertise retrieval: a multilevel network perspective on Transactive Memory TheoryY Connie Yuan,Inga Carboni,Kate Ehrlich
10-05 Patterns of Usage in an Enterprise File-Sharing Service: Publicizing, Discovering, and Telling the NewsMichael Muller,David R Millen,Jonathan Feinberg
10-04 Microblogging Inside and Outside the WorkplaceKate Ehrlich,N. Sadat Shami
10-03 Enhancing Distributed Corporate Meetings with 'Lightweight' AvatarsN. Sadat Shami,Li-Te Cheng,Steven Rohall,Andrew Sempere,John Patterson
10-02 Detecting Professional versus Personal Closeness using an Enterprise Social Network SiteAnna Wu,Joan M Dimicco,David R Millen
10-01 Inspired by the Audience - A Topic Suggestion System for Blog Writers and ReadersWerner Geyer,Casey Dugan
09-14 The Work of art in the age of Virtual Production Andrew Sempere
09-13 Understanding the Benefits of Social Networking within the WorkplaceJoan Dimicco,Werner Geyer,Casey Dugan
09-12 3 Parts Inspiration - 3 Parts ParticipationCasey Dugan,Werner Geyer,Joan Dimicco
09-11 Return on contribution (ROC): A Metric for Enterprise Social SoftwareMichael J. Muller,Jill Freyne,Casey Dugan,David R. Millen,Jennifer Thom-Santelli
09-10 Information Curators in an Enterprise File-Sharing ServiceMichael J. Muller,David R. Millen,and Jonathan Feinberg
09-09 "Making New Friends, but Keep the Old" -- Recommending People on social Networking SitesJilin chen,Werner Geyer,Casey Dugan,Michael Muller,Ido Guy
09-08 Increasing Engagement through Early Recommender InterventionJill Freyne,Michal Jacovi,Ido Guy,Werner Geyer
Making Sense of Strangers' expertise from signals in digital artifacts.
N. Sadat Shami,Kate Ehrlich,Geri Gay,Jeff Hancock
09-06 Mapping Text with Phrase NetsFrank van Ham,Martin Wattenberg and Fernanda B. Vigas
09-05 Participatory Visualization with WordleFernanda B. Vigas,Martin Wattenberg,and Jonathan Feinberg
09-04 Harnessing the Web Information Ecosystem with Wiki-based Visualization DashboardsMatt McKeon
09-03 Parallel Tag Clouds to Explore and Analyze Faceted Text CorporaChris Collins,Fernanda B Viegas,Martin Watterberg
09-02 Search, Show Context, Expand on Demand”: Supporting Large Graph Exploration with Degree-of-Interest Frank van Ham and Adam Perer
09-01 An Intuitive Model of Perceptual Grouping for HCI DesignRuth Rosenholtz,Nathaniel R. Twarog,Nadja Schinkel-Bielefeld,Martin Wattenberg
08-19 Use and Reuse of Shared Lists as a Social Content TypeWerner Geyer,Casey Dugan,Joan DiMicco,David R Millen,Beth Brownholtz,Michael Muller
08-18 The Trade-Offs of Blending Synchronous and Asynchronous Communication Services to Support Contextual CollaborationWerner Geyer,Roberto S. Silva Filho,Beth Brownholtz,David F. Redmiles
08-17 It’s All ‘About You’ – Diversity in Online ProfilesCasey Dugan,Werner Geyer,Michael Muller,Joan DiMicco,Beth Brownholtz,David R. Millen
08-16 Recommending Topics for Self-Descriptions in Online User ProfilesWerner Geyer,Casey Dugan,David R Millen,Michael Muller,Jill Freyne
08-15 Automatically Finding and Recommending Resources
to Support Knowledge Workers’ Activities
Jianqiang Shen*,Werner Geyer**,Michael Muller**,Casey Dugan**,Beth Brownholtz**,David R Millen**
08-14 CRAFTing an Environment for Collaborative ReasoningSusanne C. Hupfer,Steven I. Ross,Jamie C. Rasmussen,James E. Christensen,Stephen E. Levy,Daniel M. Gruen,John F. Patterson
08-13 Between Ontology and Folksonomy: A Study of Collaborative and Implicit Ontology EvolutionDan Gruen,Jiahui Liu
08-12 Collaborative Reasoning and
Collaborative Ontology Development in CRAFT
Daniel Gruen,Jamie Rasmussen,Jiahui Liu,Susanne Hupfer Steven Ross
08-11 Managing Collaboration at the Point of Execution: Improving Team Effectiveness with a Network Perspective Rob Cross ,Kate Ehrlich ,Ross Dawson,John Helferich
08-10 Measuring affect in HCI: Going beyond the IndividualN. Sadat Shami,J.T..Handcock,C. Peter,M. Muller,R.. Mandryk
08-09 Results from Deploying a Participation Incentive Mechanism within the EnterpriseR Farzan,JM DiMicco,DR Millen,B Brownholtz,W Geyer,C. Dugan
08-08 When the experiment is over: Deploying an incentive system to all the usersR Farzan,JM DiMicco,DR Millen,B Brownholtz,W Geyer,C Dugan
08-07 "Motivations for Social Networking at WorkJM DiMicco,DR Millen,W Geyer,C Dugan,B Brownholtz,M Muller. (2008) "Motivations for Social Networking at Work
08-06 People Sensemaking and Relationship Building on an Enterprise Social Network SiteJoan M. DiMicco,Werner Geyer,David R. Millen,Casey Dugan,Beth Brownholtz
08-05 Enhanced Professional Networking and its Impact on Personal Development and Business Success J. Chen,C.-H. Chen-Ritzo,C. A. Chess,K. Ehrlich,M. Eleftheriou,M. E. Helander,C. Lasser,S. C. McAllister,S. A. Medeiros,K. Penchuk,J. L. Snowdon,M. L. Steen and A. Topol
08-04 Tag-Based Filtering for Personalized Bookmark
Pavan K. Vatturi*,Werner Geyer,Casey Dugan,Michael Muller,Beth Brownholtz
08-03 Pick Me! Link Selection in Expertise Search ResultsN. Sadat Shami,Kate Ehrlich,David R. Millen
08-02 Searching for ExpertiseKate Ehrlich,N.Sadat Shami
08-01 Harry Potter and the Meat-Filled Freezer: A Case Study of Spontaneous Usage of Visualization ToolsFernanda Viegas,Martin Wattenberg,Matthew M. McKeon,Frank van Ham,Jesse Kriss
07-13 The Wisdom of My Crowd:
Motivation and Audience in Enterprise Social Tagging
Jennifer Thom-Santelli,Michael Muller
07-12 The Hidden Order of WikipediaFernanda B. Vigas,Martin Wattenberg,and Matthew M. McKeon
07-10 Using Software Repositories to Investigate Socio-technical Congruence in Development Projects Giuseppe Valetto,Mary Helander,Kate Ehrlich,Sunita Chulani,Mark Wegman,Clay Williams
07-09 Media Choice in the workplace: Effect on strength of tie.Kate Ehrilich,Inga Carboni
07-08 Taking a Hit for the Team: Differential effects of citizenship behavior or individual and team performance.Kate Ehrlich,Inga Carboni,Tiziana Casciaor
07-07 Searching for Experts in the Enterprise: Combining Text and Social Network AnalysisKate Ehrlich
07-06 Patterns of Tag Usage across Four Diverse Enterprise Tagging ServicesMichael Muller
07-05 When Similar Tags do not Describe Similar Things: Evidence of Communities among UsersMichael Muller
07-03 Comparing Tagging Vocabularies among Four Enterprise Tag-Based ServicesMichael Muller
07-02 Presentations by Programmers for ProgrammersLi-Te Cheng,Margaret-Anne Story,Michael Desmond
07-01 How programmers can turn comments into waypoints for code navigationM.A. Storey,Li-Te Cheng,J. Singer,Michael Muller,D. Myers,J. Ryell
06-12 Communication-Minded Visualization: A Call to ActionFernanda B. Viegas and Martin M. Wattenberg
06-11 Disseminating Expertise in Social NetworksNishanth R. Sastry
06-05 The essential role of mental models in HCI: Card, Moran and NewellKate Ehrlich
06-04 Leveraging expertise in global software teams: Going outside boundariesKate Ehrlich,Klarissa Chang
06-03 Next Generation Activity-Centric ComputingMarty Moore,Miguel Estrada,Timothy Finley,Michael Muller,Werner Geyer
06-02 Social Tagging and Self-Tagging for Impression ManagementMichael J. Muller,Kate Ehrlich,Stephen Farrell
06-01 On Dependency Changes in Collaborative Software DevelopmentCleidson de Souza,Gloria Mark,David Redmiles,Li-Te Cheng,John Patterson,David R. Millen
05-14 Architectural Trade-Offs for Collaboration Services Supporting Contextual CollaborationRoberto S. Silva Filho,Werner Geyer,Beth Brownholtz,Ido Guy,David F. Redmiles,David R. Millen
05-13 Studying Appropriation in Activity-Centric CollaborationMichael J. Muller,Suzanne O. Minassian,Werner Geyer,David R Millen,Elizabeth Brownholtz,and Eric Wilcox
05-12 Multiple Users’ Perspectives of Collaborative Activities in Complex WorkMichael J. Muller,Michael Wu
05-11 How Much is Shared in a Shared Activity?Michael J. Muller,Michael Wu
05-10 Inside Social Network AnalysisKate Ehrlich,Inga Carboni
05-09 Working Together Inside an EmailboxMichael J. Muller,Daniel M. Gruen
05-08 The Zipper System for Flexible, Replicated Application SharingSteven L. Rohall,John F. Patterson
05-07 Another Look at Replicated Application SharingSteven L. Rohall,John F. Patterson
05-06 Baby Names, Visualization, and Social Data AnalysisMartin Wattenberg
05-05 Patterns of Media Use in an Activity-Centric Collaborative EnvironmentDavid R Millen,Michael J. Muller,Werner Geyer,Eric Wilcox,and Beth Brownholtz
05-04 Multiple Paradigms in Affective ComputingMichael Muller
05-03 Shared Landmarks in Complex Coordination EnvironmentsMichael Muller,Olga Kuchinskaya,Suzanne Minassian,John C. Tang,Catalina Danis,Chen Zhao,Beverly Harrison and Thomas P. Moran
05-02 Weaving a Social Fabric into Existing SoftwareLi-Te Cheng,John Patterson,Steven L. Rohall,Susanne Hupfer,Steven Ross
05-01 Reinventing Team Spaces for a Collaborative Development EnvironmentSusanne Hupfer,Li-Te Cheng,Steven Ross,John Patterson
04-19 Studying Cooperation and Conflict between Authors with History Flow VisualizationsFernanda B. Viegas,Martin Wattenberg,Kushal Dave
04-18 Enterprising Individuals: An Investigation into Fostering Professional Ties within Large OrganizationsEric Wilcox,Chad Thornton
04-17 A Need-Based Collaboration Classification FrameworkAnita Sarma,Andre van der Hoek,Li-Te Cheng
04-16 Lessons from the ReMail PrototypesDaniel Guren,steven L. Rohall,Suzanne Minassian,Bernard Kerr,Paul Moody,Bob Stachel,Martin Wattenberg,Eric Wilcox
04-15 How a Good Software Practice Thwarts Collaboration - The Multiple Roles of APIs in Software DevelopmentCleidson de Souza,David Redmiles,Li-Te Cheng,David R. Millen,John Patterson
04-14 Sometimes You Need to See through Walls - A Field Study of Application Programming InterfacesCleidson de Souza,David Redmiles,Li-Te Cheng,David R. Millen,John Patterson
04-13 Chat SpacesWerner Geyer,Andrew J. Witt,Eric Wilcox,Michael Muller,Bernard Kerr,Beth Brownholtz,David R Millen
04-12 Introducing Collaboration into an Application Development EnvironmentSusanne Hupfer,Li-Te Cheng,Steven Ross,John Patterson
04-11 Retrofitting Collaboration into UIs with AspectsLi-Te Cheng,Steven L. Rohall,John Patterson,Steven Ross,Susanne Hupfer
04-10 Flash Forums and ForumReader: Navigating a New Kind of Large-Scale Online DiscussionKushal Dave,Martin Wattenberg,Michael Muller
04-09 Activity Graphs of the Microstructure of Complex WorkMichael J. Muller
04-08 Diverse Strategies for Interruption Management in Complex Office ActivitiesSuzanne O. Minassian,Michael J. Muller,Daniel Gruen
04-07 Story Lifecycle in a Product Development OrganizationMajie Zeller,Sandra L. Kogan,Michael J. Muller,Merry Morse
04-06 “Readness” – A Design Exploration of Personal Document Management in Historical and Collaborative ContextMichael Muller
04-05 Consistency Control for Synchronous and Asynchronous Collaboration based on Shared Objects and ActivitiesJuergen Vogel,Werner Geyer,Li-Te Cheng,Michael Muller
04-04 How to Make a Semantic Web BrowserDennis Quan
04-03 Using XSLT to Detect Cycles in a Directed GraphDavid Marston
04-02 One-Hundred Days in an Activity-Centric Collaboration Environment based on Shared ObjectsMichael J. Muller,Werner Geyer,Beth Brownholtz,Eric Wilcox,David R. Millen
04-01 Principles and Architecture for a Conversational AgentSteven Ross,Elizabeth A. Brownholtz,Robert C. Armes
03-16 THREAD ARCS: An Email Thread VisualizationBernard Kerr
03-15 Interactive Poster: Visualizations in the ReMail PrototypeSteven L. Rohall
03-14 Multi-team Facilitation of Very Large-scale Distributed MeetingsDavid R. Millen,Michael A. Fontaine
03-13 Scenarios in PracticePaul McInerney,Michael J. Muller
03-12 Jazzing up Eclipse with Collaborative ToolsLi-Te Cheng,Susanne Hupfer,Steven Ross,John Patterson
03-11 Identifying and Understanding Dates and Times in EmailMia K. Stern
03-10 Breaking Out of Eclipse: Developing an ActiveX Host for SWTLi-Te Cheng
03-09 Supporting Activity-centric Collaboration Through Peer-to-Peer Shared ObjectsWerner Geyer,Juergen Vogel,Li-Te Cheng,Michael Muller
03-08 A Mobile User Interface for Threading, Marking, and Previewing EmailLi-Te Cheng,Daniel Gruen
03-07 Managing the Mobile Inbox with MoMailLi-Te Cheng,Daniel Gruen
03-06 Communication Trends and the On-Demand Organization: A Lotus Workplace White PaperIrene Greif,David R. Millen
03-05 Making Multimedia Meeting Records More MeaningfulWerner Geyer,Heather Richter,Gregory Abowd
03-04 Collecting and Validating Stories from and with End-UsersMichael J. Muller
03-03 Identity Disclosure and the Creation of Social CapitalDavid R. Millen,John F. Patterson
03-02 Conversation Thumbnails for Large-Scale DiscussionsMartin M. Wattenberg,David R. Millen
03-01 Stimulating Social Engagement in a Community Network David R. Millen,John F. Patterson
02-17 Redesigning Email for the 21st Century Workshop Position PaperSteven L. Rohall
02-16 Workshop: Creating and Refining Knowledges, Identities, and Understanding in On-Line CommunitiesMichael J. Muller,David R. Millen
02-15 Design as a Minority Discipline in a Software Company: Toward Requirements for a Community of PracticeMichael J. Muller,Kenneth Carey
02-14 What Kind of Work is HCI Work?Allison Druin,Michael J. Muller
02-13 ReMail: A Reinvented Email PrototypeSteven L. Rohall,Dan Gruen
02-12 Ease of Instant Messaging: How the Use of IBM Lotus Sametime Changes Over TimeM.E. Raven,Michael J. Muller,David R. Millen,Sandra Kogan
02-11 Arc Diagrams: Visualizing Structure in StringsMartin Wattenberg
02-10 Collaborating Within - not Through - Email: Users Reinvent a Familiar TechnologyMichael J. Muller,Daniel M. Gruen
02-09 Facilitating Emerging Collaboration through Light-weight Information SharingWerner Geyer,Li-Te Cheng
02-08 CoPlace Define: A Service-Based View of Online PlacesJohn Patterson,Li-Te Cheng,Werner Geyer
02-07 Understanding the Individual, Community and Organizational Benefits of Work-Based CommunitiesDavid R. Millen,Michael A. Fontaine
02-06 What Makes a Representative User Representative? A Participatory PosterMichael J. Muller,David R. Millen
02-05 Maturation of Instant Messaging: Savings, Behaviors, Social Networks, and BeliefsMichael J. Muller,Mary E. Raven,Sandra Kogan,David R. Millen,Kenneth Carey
02-04 Computer-Supported Communities of PracticeDavid R. Millen,Michael J. Muller
02-03 Patterns of Participation in Two Communities of Practice: Community of Engagement vs. Community of ReferenceMichael J. Muller
02-02 Exploiting E-mail Structure to Improve SummarizationDerek Lam,Steven L. Rohall,Chris Schmandt,Mia K. Stern
02-01 Understanding the Benefits and Costs of Communities of PracticeDavid R. Millen,Michael A. Fontaine,Michael J. Muller
01-06 The Dynamics of Social Interaction in a Geography-based Online CommunityDavid R. Millen,John F. Patterson,Cory Costanzo
01-05 Email Visualizations to Aid CommunicationsSteven L. Rohall,Daniel Gruen,Paul Moody,and Seymour Kellerman
01-04 Participatory Design: The Third Space in HCIMichael J. Muller
01-03 Social Construction of Knowledge and Authority in Business Communities and OrganizationsMichael J. Muller,David R. Millen
01-02 Design as a Minority Discipline in a Software Company: Understanding a Community of PracticeMichael J. Muller,Kenneth Carey
01-01 Just-In-Time Design in a Fast-Paced Product GroupMargo Lustig Ezekiel
00-11 Layered Participatory Analysis: New Developments in the CARD TechniqueMichael J. Muller
00-10 The Carlisle Community Center: Designing for Social Capital in a Small TownJohn F. Patterson
00-09 The Carlisle Community CenterJohn F. Patterson,Lee Sproull
00-08 Bifrost Inbox Organizer: Giving users control over the inboxOlle Blter,Candace L. Sidner
00-07 Coming to the Crossroads of Knowledge, Learning, and Technology: Integrating Knowledge Management and Workplace Learning
Andrew L. Cohen,Bill Penuel
00-06 New Workplace Learning Technologies: Activities and Exemplars
Andrew L. Cohen,Bill Penuel,Eilif Trondsen,Kermit Patton
00-05 Designing Learning: Cognitive Science Principles for the Innovative Organization
Andrew L. Cohen,Bill Penuel,Jeremy Roschelle
00-04 Designing to Support Adversarial Collaboration
Andrew L. Cohen,Debra Cash,Michael Muller
00-03 Storyboarding for Design: An Overview of the Process
Daniel Gruen
00-02 Beyond Scenarios: The Role of Storytelling in CSCW Design
Daniel Gruen
00-01 Building Spoken Language Collaborative Interface Agents
Candace L. Sidner,Carolyn Boettner,Charles Rich