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IBM Cambridge Research Center

  Project: Dogear

Researchers: Jonathan Feinberg, David R. Millen

A Collaborative User Experience Project:

Social bookmarking is a new bookmarking technique that is changing the way people organize and browse their Internet bookmarks. Rapidly gaining popularity, social bookmarking has a number of key elements that make it different from traditional bookmarking. For example, it lets users centrally store, categorize, and share a set of personal Web bookmarks with others. Despite widespread usage, there have been few, if any, social bookmarking systems appropriate for large organizations and businesses. The goal for the dogear project was to design and build a world-class social bookmarking service aimed at the enterprise, which explored these ideas.

Dogear exploits the enterprise by allowing people to bookmark pages within their Intranet. In addition it uses enterprise directories to authenticate the user's identity. This allows people to find experts on specific topics within the company. For example, a employee looking for someone knowledgeable in Java can look at the dogear "java" tag to see who has been bookmarking pages around that topic. Dogear will also show tags associated with "java," which may help to refine the search. Once users have found a potential expert, they can see that person's bookmarks, internal blog, and contact information. This form of expertise location helps spur collaboration and sharing of resources within the company.

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