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IBM Cambridge Research Center

  XML+ Standards & Technology Team

The XML+ Standards & Technology team is part of the Services and Software branch of the T.J. Watson Research lab. Technical leaders of this team are Noah Mendelsohn (IBM Distinguished Engineer) and Scott Boag, both of whom are internationally recognized leaders in XML standards development. Emily Farmer is the Senior Development Manager of the team.

The XML+ team, formerly the Lotus Advanced Technology Group, is respected worldwide for its contributions to Internet standards such as XML and XSL, and for its role in development of Java programming technologies. Its mission is to develop exciting new software technologies - with particular current focus on XML and Web services - which exploit the opportunities provided by emerging Internet standards.

Members of the XML+ team have played important roles in a number of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Working Groups, including XML Schemas, Extensible Stylesheet (XSL), XML Protocol, and Document Object Model (DOM). The group has also contributed to the SOAP proposal, and has been very active in the Apache open source development community. Boag has provided technical leadership for the development of the XSLT, XPath, and XQuery standards, and has been architecting and leading the development of the Apache Xalan XSLT processor for the past several years. Mendelsohn has recently been leading an advanced technology research and prototype effort into new XML-based technologies, with particular focus on the study of high performance XML schema compiler

  XML+ Standards & Technology Team Projects