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IBM Cambridge Research Center

  Project: Simple General Awareness Protocol (SGAP)

Researchers: Mark Day, Steve Foley, Kamal Ayad

A Collaborative User Experience Project:

The Simple General Awareness Protocol (SGAP) provides notifications of changes to small data items. SGAP was originally developed as Lotus's contribution to the ongoing process of developing an interoperable protocol for "presence" information (see IMPP for additional information on that process).

Although SGAP is a small and simple protocol, it supports sophisticated colleague-awareness capabilities, such as exposing different information to different people. Originally developed specifically for colleague-awareness tools or "buddy lists," SGAP also appears to be a good match for collaboration needs in other contexts, and we are exploring its use for other systems. SGAP offers facilities that are largely complementary to those of the Notification Service Transfer Protocol (NSTP); NSTP allows a small collection of participants to share a single common state, while SGAP supports the dissemination of different views of the "same" items to a large collection of viewers.

Related publications:

TR 98-06, Mark Day. Simple General Awareness Protocol (SGAP)

"Scaling and Selectivity: From NSTP to SGAP" is a paper describing SGAP and contrasting it with NSTP. It appears in the proceedings of the ACM SIGOPS European Workshop, Sintra, Portugal, 1998.

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