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  Project: Instant Messaging and Presence Protocol (IMPP)

Researchers: Mark Day

A Collaborative User Experience Project:

Instant Messaging and Presence Protocol (IMPP) is an effort in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to develop a protocol for interoperation among different colleague-awareness tools ("buddy lists").

IMPP was formerly known as Presence Information Protocol (PIPR). Mark Day chaired the second birds-of-a-feather (BOF) on PIPR at the Chicago IETF meeting in 1998. He is also a coauthor of the current documents describing the model and requirements for IMPP.

See for the charter of the IMPP working group, including a list of working group drafts and RFCs.

Related publications:

TR 98-07, Mark Day. "HTTP Envy" and Presence Information Protocols - A rant about why HTTP is a bad basis for a presence protocol

    TR 99-03, Mark Day. Presence and Instant Messaging via HTTP/1.1: A Coordination Perspective - An exploration of simple CCS models for HTTP/1.1, presence, and instant messaging.

    The specification for SGAP, the Simple General Awareness Protocol: see the SGAP project page.