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IBM Cambridge Research Center

  Project: Handheld Devices: Extending Notes and Sametime to small devices

Researchers: Kamal Ayad, Mark Day, Steve Foley, Dan Gruen, Steve Rohall
Project contact:

A Collaborative User Experience Project:

In this project we pursued two directions: First, we sought to extend Notes data and functionality to new, smaller, mobile computers. Second, we considered new collaboration possibilities for those computers without reference to Notes. Although product groups within Lotus and IBM were also concerned with the first direction, our projects focused on areas these groups didn't cover.

Much of our work involved Handheld Connect, a version of Lotus Sametime Connect running on a handheld device. Before tackling Handheld Connect, we explored both email awareness via pagers and note-passing via infrared.

Related publications:
The work on email awareness via pagers and note-passing is best summarized in our position paper from the Workshop on Handheld Computer-Supported Cooperative Work.